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Os principais locais de exposições das artes visuais na cidade de São Paulo / SP


MuBE - Museu Brasileiro da Escultura

Endereço: Avenida Europa, 218 - Jarim Europa - São Paulo - SP CEP 01449-000 Ver mapa

Dias e horários de funcionamento: Tuesday to Sunday,10h/19h

Site Oficial: Ver site

Telefone: (11) 2594-2601

A garden projected by Burle Marx complements the space and it’s one of the institution attractions. The museus possess three internal areas for exhibitions: The Big Hall, Pinacoteca Room and Burle Marx Room.

In Pedro Piva auditorium, with a capacity for 192 persons, we can see musical, theatrical, cinema and multimedia exibitions. A wide external space, a gastronomic space and a souvenir store completes the visitation area.

MuBE was created from one innovative proposal: to be a museum without permanent collection. Besides this, during its existence, it received a significant set of sculptures. These works are exposed in their internal and external spaces. Among them, creations from Arcangelo Ianelli, Francisco Brennand, Ivald Granato, Nathalie Decoster, João Carlos Galvão, Sonia Ebling, Caciporé Torres, Ktcho, Yutaka Toyota, Marco Lodola, Roberto Lerner, Waldomiro de Deus and Victor Brecheret.

The museum performs 25 exhibitions each year, all of them free of charge. The institution offers visits for children, students and senior groups. At the visits, the educators adopt creative pedagogical approaches, according to a perspective of educative action and social inclusion.

Courtesy of MuBE

MuBE also performs other educational activities. One active agenda of courses presents themes like sculpture, painting, drawing, pottery, art and philosophy history, for several age groups. It also promotes events that can increase the institution presence in the city cultural scenery.

In the program, it’s possible to find music, theater, cinema, and academic meetings like seminars and lectures. Among the initiatives, there are projects that plan to extend the museum beyond their territorial limits.

In “Virtual MuBE”, there is a wide database about Brazilian sculpture development all available for free in the Internet. In this and other projects, the museum also performs activities destined to environmental responsibility. All of them are held by the institution and have the support of partners that, joined to MuBE, can contribute to the diffusion of art and culture in the country.

Courtesy of MuBE